XMPP service

Volatile XMPP federates with other XMPP servers, including those on Tor hidden services (needs testing). Efforts are made to support de facto modern XMPP standards (such as [XEPs]((https://xmpp.org/extensions/) and best federation practices (such as modern TLS ciphers).

OMEMO end-to-end encryption is strongly encouraged.

See this page for information on getting an account. Inline registration (straight from your XMPP client) is not possible.

Recommended clients

I use Conversations for Android. There are a few OMEMO-compatible desktop clients as well. Use what's best for you but be aware that an alarming number of clients are buggy or don't have full XMPP feature support.

For people who prefer a Web browser-based client, see the table below for links to the Converse.js webchat.

Server credentials

Service Host MUC Webchat
Clearnet volatile.bz 5222 muc.volatile.bz 5269 Converse.js
Tor vdz5o7cbgzl2dlvqecbhwwigs24u2l32wmlhom6nglc3l4tp2jj6dgqd.onion 5222 (currently unavailable)
I2P xmpp.volatile.i2p 5222 Converse.js

Technical details

Future considerations