Rules and terms

Rules across services

These rules apply to all Volatile services. They exist in an effort to provide the best service for all our users.

  1. Do not use Volatile services for unlawful activity. See specific services for what jurisdiction they fall under, but in general you must comply with at least United States law.
  2. Do not use the services for activity that is against hosting providers' acceptable-use policies. Again, check the individual services to see where they are hosted.
  3. Do not use the services to transmit SPAM.
  4. Do not degrade the services for others. We don't want to get in trouble because of your actions.
  5. Denial of service, exploitation of services, penetration testing, or anything of the like is not permitted. If you find a security vulnerability or bug, please contact us privately.
  6. You must be eighteen years of age or older to utilise Volatile services.

Other than that, enjoy.

Rules in on-topic chats

These rules apply to on-topic community channels (#volatile on freenode or #meta on our own IRC, on Matrix, et cetera).

  1. The Rules across services above apply to the community chat as well.
  2. Allow on-topic discussion to take place. There are plenty of places for extended social or off-topic chat, including private messages. Keep the community-oriented chatrooms clear of any noise.
  3. Be mature. You are expected to maintain appropriate behaviour in a topical environment. If you are unsure what this entails, please don't hesitate to ask.
  4. Channel moderators have full jurisdiction over the community chat: their word is law. If you feel that a moderator was unjust toward you, contact us and we can look into it. Do not evade bans, because it will not work in your favour; it will only escalate the matter.

We strive to maintain a reasonable environment for real-time discussion, deliberation, and community questions – topics that don't always fit that well in a private E-mail or a public newsgroup. Please do not abuse this venue of communication.

Additional terms of service

This section is just to cover everyone's asses. As long as you understand and follow the rules set forth in the previous section, you should be fine, and we should be happy with having you in our community.

Volatile provides no warranties, express or implied, for any of its services, software, or other content. Everything is provided as-is; you understand that you may not hold Volatile at fault for any of the services or content provided. Volatile may provide third-party content on behalf of its users; this does not imply endorsement or responsibility for said content or users. Volatile will comply with law enforcement requests for user information if legally pressured to do so.

Use of Volatile services is a privilege, not a right. Your access to any or all services may be terminated at any time, for any or no reason. Donations are non-refundable and are not seen as payment for service.

Privacy policy

Volatile makes a best effort to provide services that are private and secure by design; however, you must ultimately take matters into your own hands.

You must assume that any data you transmit via Volatile is public. This could be by design, or it could be the result of a nosy administrator, a security breach, a software bug or vulnerability, or an untrustworthy user.

You must assume that any data you transmit via Volatile is permanent. We make data-retention policies up to our own discretion. We make a best effort to allow users to be in control of their content, for example by allowing content to be deleted. However, we are not in control of any data that ends up being mirrored to third parties, either by design or by another user.

If you're worried by these privacy statements, please understand that these are truths for any service you use online. A written policy cannot protect you or your private information from reality. Maintain a healthy scepticism, use client-side encryption where appropriate, avoid sending incriminating data in the first place. You shouldn't trust us; that's the entire reason we are working toward trustless systems and software. You shouldn't have to trust us in order for your data to be safe.

If you are still concerned, consider another service or even hosting your own service. Contact us if you need assistance finding another host or setting up one for yourself.