Registering an account

Want an account to use Volatile's services? Due to our philosophy you get what you pay for, we do not believe in offering many of our services for free. Donating for use means you're paying for maintenance, reliability, future upgrades, and the effort and time we had to spend toward making our services possible.

First of all, make sure you have read the rules, agree to them, and abide by them while using the services.

You can donate what you can, either via Open Collective or contact us to donate using cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin). Or, if you really cannot donate, please let us know why you want an account here, or if you have a friend with an account on Volatile, ask them to vouch for you.

If you don't agree with the rules, or for whatever reason you cannot get an account here, contact us and we'll gladly help you find alternative services or even help you set up your own services.

This registration model allows us to focus our efforts more efficiently. Moderated registration helps us mitigate spam accounts from popping up all the time, abusing the services and ruining them for everyone. It also helps us grow organically and encourage decentralisation and healthy competition between other hosting providers.

Ready to make an account? Let us know.