IRC network

Volatile IRC is still around and open to new users and communities, provided that you follow the rules.

Additionally, follow the rules for the server and channel(s) you are on.

Contact us if you are interested in linking or if you have interest in hosting your community on the network. There are currently no network services, nor are there any policies in place to protect channel ownership, and for now we see no reason to adopt any such policies. But, we are open to convincing, so let us know if you would like to see anything implemented.

Generally there is little network-wide moderation. This is in contrast to most other active IRC networks. Don't be the person to give server operators a hard time.

Server credentials

Officially supported methods of connecting:

If you have issues accessing a server listed above, contact us. If the server you want to use is not listed above and you are having issues, you should address your issues to your server administrator or choose a supported server above.

Privacy note

Your IP address is not concealed unless you connect using an anonymous method such as Tor.

Technical details

Operator guidelines

New server guidelines

You want to volunteer a server to the network? Make sure you understand that it is a responsibility and that you will be held to a minimum of duties in order to maintain your server.