Volatile Git is a repository hosting platform that currently uses the Git, cgit, and gitolite technologies to provide a platform mainly for code projects.

To access this site, you may use:

Both HTTP-pull and SSH-push access should be available on all of these.

See this page for information on getting an account.

Gitolite usage

Use ssh to list SSH commands. To create a new repo, simply:

git init
git commit -a
git push

Private repositories are available by adding hidden/ to the beginning of your repository's name, so for example:

git push

Note that repositories are stored on the server as-is; no attempt is made to encrypt either private or public repositories.

You can substitute the SSH host with 4kbt437tzvvifqz4mwkjmzzex7jcrznyrp7aqvgqe5x2ynouzqohwpyd.onion for Tor.