In a nutshell, anoNet is a loosely-regulated virtual network (VPN) that utilises several technologies such as BGP, DNS, and secure tunneling to connect nodes together. Unlike Tor or I2P, it is not a single software or protocol; in fact, you can use Tor and I2P with anoNet to anonymously peer with other users.

In addition to the normal Internet, Volatile's services are also available over anoNet. You may contact wowaname to exchange peering info, if you are interested in joining the network. Below is some information that may be helpful to you:

Routes, fd63:1e39:6f73:1601::/64
The resdb is a simple, machine-parseable Git repository that allows nodes to bootstrap DNS glue records, to find contact information for users, and to find other users' resdbs. There is no single master copy of the resdb. Volatile's resdb can be found on Git.

I am able to peer with you over the clear Internet, Tor, or I2P. I use either OpenVPN or WireGuard for tunneling. Of course, you may use any BGP or DNS software you wish; I use bird and BIND 9 so I will only be able to assist you in setting up those. I also offer recursive DNS resolution on but please do not abuse this; also be mindful that you will be relying on me keeping my DNS up, so it may suit you better to set up your own.